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Many patients come to me with concerns about facial aging, but when I bring up surgery, they become hesitant towards discussing it. Common worries they express are:

  • Do I really need a face-lift?
  • Will my face look pulled?
  • Is a facelift a big, scary procedure?
  • What if it looks unnatural or something goes wrong?

The reality is if you want a more youthful looking face and to get rid of a saggy neck, jowls, fat loss, excess lid skin, droopy brows and wrinkles, surgery is your best option. There is no needle or laser that will fix those issues. But…there is hope for natural, beautiful results that you will love.

What really happens to your face as you age?

Mid-face: Young faces aren’t tight. They have fullness and curves (curves and tension are enemies). As we age, we lose facial fat, especially below the eyes in the mid-face area. The lid-cheek junction, which is about 5-6 mm below the lashes when young, moves downward so that it appears 15-20 mm below the lashes and forms a “bag”. The cheek deflates and falls, creating a jowl.

Neck: The neck skin loses elasticity and the thin neck muscles (platysma) develop banding.

Eyelids: Some patients (and many surgeons) erroneously believe that the bulging fat in the lower eyelid is extra fat that should be removed. It’s not. This fat was just uncovered by fat loss in the cheek (like when low tide reveals things hiding in shallow water). Youthful brows start low medially and end high laterally (look at young models in magazines). Over time, the lateral portion of the brow rotates downward.

Skin: The sun, aging and genetics contribute to sun damage, brown spots, wrinkles, and other skin damage on the surface of the skin.

What do I do to create a more youthful face?

When I think of facial rejuvenation, I think about the whole face and work backwards. A complete face at my practice involves doing the face, neck, upper and lower lids, brow, fat grafting and laser. I evaluate and consult with the patient for each procedure and eliminate what is unnecessary or undesired and together we create a plan to achieve your desired results. Some patients move forward with the complete face package and others get portions of it.