Calf/Ankle Liposuction in Danville

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Are you tired of your cankles? Cankles is a slang term that describes the lack of definition of the calf and ankle due to excess fatty tissue in the lower leg. Extra fatty tissue on the calf and ankle region can be due to being overweight but can also be genetic. While exercise is generally a great idea, you cannot spot reduce fat, especially in this area.
Liposuction of the calves and ankles can reduce and eliminate the excess fatty tissue. Typically, the patient is left with a highly contoured lower leg that appears much more muscular, curvy and feminine. The procedure is done through small incisions made around the ankle and knee.
The swelling for lower leg liposuction lasts much longer than for liposuction of the trunk and thighs. We typically have patients use compression hose after surgery to reduce and control the swelling. While the prolonged swelling can be frustrating, patients are typically highly pleased with the result.


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Your Brazilian Butt Lift will be performed in Dr. Ronan’s surgery center located in Danville.