Brazilian Butt Lift in Danville

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brazilian butt lift
Brazilian Butt Lift results only 30 minutes after surgery. Dr. Ronan performed liposuction to remove fat from love handles, abdomen and thighs, then transferred the fat through out the buttocks area, focusing on the upper buttocks to give that round, pop look.
Pregnancy, weight gain/loss and time can cause many changes in the body. Some Patients complain that they have a flat or droopy buttock and that their clothes don’t fit properly. Buttock augmentation can be an excellent means to reestablish a youthful feminine form. Though commonly referred to as a Brazilian Butt Lift, the procedure is more appropriately called autologous buttock augmentation and 360 degree liposuction. A symmetric, shapely buttock has been prized in many cultures, particularly in warmer climates, and more recently has gained increased popularity in the United States. Though the media tends to focus on very large augmentations, autologous buttock augmentation can be a very useful way to rejuvenated the waist and lower body with very minimal scarring. The procedure combines liposuction of the stomach, flanks, and back with fat grafting of the harvested fat into the hips and buttock in order to achieve a more refined waistline, increased projection of the buttock, and a smoothing of the silhouette. The fat is placed only in the subcutaneous tissue in order to ensure maximal safety of the procedure.
Buttock implants are also available for select patients looking for more modest increases in projection of the buttock.While these procedures are not very high on the pain scale, there is an awkward recovery. Patient will typically stay on their sides and stomach after the procedure for one or two weeks. It is OK to stand or lay flat but not sit for extended periods of time. With buttock lifts and lower body lifts, we will typically do some liposuction of the lower back and thighs. An abdominoplasty and potentially some liposuction are often combined with the lower body lift. Depending on the type of work, most patients are ready to return with 2 weeks.


An award-winning plastic surgeon performing thousands of surgery procedures every year in the Blackhawk Surgery Center, Stephen J. Ronan MD FACS, has been named one of the Top Plastic Surgeons in America by the nation’s leading providers of information on doctors. He was also voted Best in The Bay, and one of the Top 3 Hair Restoration Surgeons in America 2015, by Aesthetic Everything Beauty Network, a panel of industry leaders and fellow surgeons.
Your Brazilian Butt Lift will be performed in Dr. Ronan’s surgery center located in Danville.
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