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At Blackhawk Plastic Surgery, we offer breast reduction surgery for women who are experiencing physical and quality of life issues due to the large size of their breasts. Dr. Stephen Ronan is a highly-skilled plastic surgeon and focuses on providing our patients with beautiful and natural-looking results.

Common Reasons for Undergoing Breast Reduction Surgery

The discomfort of heavy and drooping breasts associated with pain in the back, neck, and shoulder area can be relieved by breast reduction. Large breasts can make a woman not only uncomfortable but also self-conscious. Many women find that clothes and bras don’t fit properly.

Breast Reduction Techniques

Breast reduction surgery involves removing fatty and breast tissue along with excess skin. Typically, this involves making the areola smaller or removing some of the pigmented skin around the nipple through areola reduction surgery. In addition, a breast reduction and lift or breast reduction and mastopexy are also options.

We perform different types of breast reduction procedures. Many of our patients are candidates for the newer vertical reduction. This minimizes the amount of scarring and provides a more projected, youthful shape. Patients that have very large breasts or significant amounts of drooping will likely need a more traditional method of reduction.

Breast Reduction Recovery

Breast reduction and lift procedures are performed on an outpatient basis. This means that you go home the same day as the surgery. Most people can return to work in about a week. Dissolving sutures placed under the skin help make the recovery period easier on you. A pain block is available for the procedure which makes the recovery much easier.

Breast Reduction Cost

Breast reduction surgery is a highly personalized procedure. Cost can vary depending on the techniques used and the work required to provide the patient with their ideal results. Blackhawk Plastic surgery offers financing options for our patients.

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