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Tattoo Removal in Danville

tattoo (ta-too) noun: A permanent reminder of a temporary feeling.

*Individual results may vary

When you are ready to part with that “temporary feeling”, Blackhawk Plastic Surgery offers the most advanced laser available for tattoo-removal procedures. From small, single-colored tattoos to large, multi-colored tattoos, you can be assured your tattoo removal experience will require fewer treatments and quicker recovery.

When it comes to laser tattoo removal, the best results come from the best technology. This is why we have invested in multiple lasers with multiple spot sizes, pulse durations and power controls.

*Individual results may vary

Tattoo regret? Perhaps you:

  • Want to be more employable
  • Need to remove an ex's name
  • Had a change of heart
  • Find your ink out of style
  • Had a bad tattoo artist
  • Want to clean the canvas for a new tattoo
  • Your cover up didn't work

We offer:

  • Removal of all colors (yes, red and green too)
  • Fewer treatments (3-6 instead of 20)
  • Complete or near-complete treatment (not 50-60%)
  • Less scaring and less chance of pigment change

*Individual results may vary

The Science:
The tattoo ink particles from tattoos are scattering within the dermis layer of the skin. Lasers are used to explode the pigment particles into sizes that macrophage cells (scavengers in your body) can swallow and remove. The laser energy causes the pigment to vibrate so fast that it fractures into pieces (photoacoustic mechanism). Each treatment will remove pigment up to the limitation of the particular laser used.

Professional tattoos involve placing multiple colors at multiple depths in the skin. We need to get them all out. We need to be able to explode different colors of pigment at different levels in the skin without damaging the surrounding skin (scar or color change).

The pigment absorbs the laser energy and heats up. If the pigment is heated to slowly (longer pulse duration), then the heat from the pigment has time to heat the surrounding skin and cause injury (scar or pigmentation changes). So, short pulse duration lasers are preferable.

As the pigment explodes during successive treatments, the size of the pigment fragments gets smaller. The shorter the pulse duration, the smaller the fragment you can treat. This is why longer pulse duration lasers can only partially remove the pigment after many treatments and tend to have more scaring and pigment changes. The pulse duration needs to be smaller in order to explode the smaller fragments of pigment and completely treat the tattoo. Our laser measures pulse durations in BILLIONTHS of a second! This technology allows us to safely, quickly and thoroughly remove tattoos with minimal skin damage.

Color of tattoo: Each laser emits energy in a certain wavelength. The wavelength will only interact with certain colors of pigment. For example, black and blue tattoos are best treated with a 1064nm (Nd:YAG) laser, reds are best treated with a 532nm (frequently doubled with Nd:YAG) laser and greens are best treated with a 694nm (ruby) laser. It doesn’t matter how many times you treat a red pigment with a 755cm (Picosure) laser, it will not produce good results. Therefore, you want to get your treatment in a center that has the right wavelengths to treat your tattoo. Don’t get stuck with part of your tattoo removed and have to start over with treatment somewhere else. With our Enlighten (1064/532) and Asclepion (694), we can treat ANY color of tattoo. The Picosure laser only has one wavelength (755nm). This means that it cannot effectively remove all tattoo colors, especially reds (the second most popular tattoo color). With our three wavelengths (532, 694 and 1064), we can treat all colors of tattoo.

Depth of pigment: The laser must deliver the right amount of energy at the precise depth of the pigment. The spot size of the laser determines the depth of the focus of the laser. The amount of energy delivered must be adjusted to the spot size. We are fortunate to have the most powerful tattoo laser on the market. It allows us to treat deeper pigment than other lasers.

Number of treatments: Some types of lasers need 20 treatments to get a partial or full removal of the pigment. Our lasers typically do the job in 3-6 treatments. This is something you should consider when evaluating the price of removal.

Tattoo removal has gone through various generations of development over the years.

Successful results depend on:

  • Removing all or nearly all the pigment
  • Having the right wavelengths
  • Having the right pulse durations
  • Variable depth of penetration
  • Minimal or no injury to surrounding skin
  • Minimal or no pigment changes

It’s Simple: The best laser wins.
Laser tattoo removal FAQs

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*Individual results may vary

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