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Many people are looking for a better quality of life. Blackhawk Plastic Surgery helps give patients the confidence to pursue it. Our center provides a complete package for patients looking for both surgical and non-surgical care.


Stephen J Ronan, MD FACS is dedicated to helping you feel and look your best. We strive to provide excellent care with close personal attention.

Blackhawk Plastic Surgery and the Blackhawk Surgery Center were both founded by Dr. Ronan. With the rapid growth and success of the practice, Dr. Ronan has expanded the practice by adding several nurse practitioners to the staff.

Blackhawk Surgery Center

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The Blackhawk Surgery Center is a state-of-the-art facility located adjacent to Blackhawk Plastic Surgery. The center was created to allow our surgeons and staff to tailor a custom-made experience from start to finish.

The process begins with a consultation or information visit. Dr. Ronan’s consultations tend to be lengthy. After he elicits the goals and desires of the patient and conducts a focused history and exam, Dr. Ronan reviews the options available. Risks of the particular procedure are discussed in great detail. Realistic expectations are discussed and before/after photos of actual patients are reviewed. All of your questions are answered. At the conclusion of the visit, you will review a quotation with one of our patient coordinators. The goal of the consultation is to provide the patient with more than enough information to make a good decision about the procedure(s).

Prior to surgery, a pre-operative, or ‘nuts and bolts,’ appointment is made. During this visit, the procedure is again reviewed and questions are answered. We will review your medical history and complete a more thorough physical exam. Appropriate lab tests and/or an EKG may be performed. Necessary paperwork is completed and photo documentation is completed. Pre- and post-operative instructions are reviewed amongst other important details pertaining to surgery.

The process doesn’t end with surgery. Patients are carefully followed in the post-operative period. After recovery, patients can return for a lifetime of follow-up visits.

Patients feel both comfortable and secure knowing that they are in Dr. Ronan’s gifted hands. Explore the possibility of sculpting a new you.

Great words by my friend Grant Stevens! It is absolutely vital that you go to a board certified plastic surgeon for any plastic surgery. You should never have an augment by someone who isn’t properly trained in an accredited plastic surgery program and works in a fully accredited facility. If the facility isn’t accredited, don’t have surgery there. Thanks to Grant for representing our specialty.