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Male Tummy Tuck in Danville

Are you doing crunches every day in hopes of getting back the six-pack that you had in college? Unfortunately, if you have had some major weight fluctuations, or are just getting a little older, your abdominal muscles may never regain the tone they used to have. In cases of dramatic weight gain or loss, there’s a good chance the paired “washboard” of your abdominal muscles have stretched out or moved apart. Exercise can strengthen these muscles, but they will not restore them to their original position and tone. If you are simply getting older, your metabolism begins to slow and in men, this can cause fatty tissue to build up around your midsection. Furthermore, gravity can cause the skin on your belly to lose its elasticity and start sagging. However, a tummy tuck can go a long way towards correcting these issues.

An abdominoplasty procedure for both men and women starts with an incision across the lower abdomen beneath the line of the undergarments. The resulting scar will be hidden most of the time. Through this incision, the surgeon tightens the abdominal muscles with sutures and brings the paired “washboard” muscles back together for a flatter, smoother stomach. Next, any excess skin and fat from above the belly button down to the incision is removed. This skin is usually stretched out and of poor quality. Finally, the belly button is recreated in its ideal position.

Post-surgery pain is significantly reduced or even eliminated with the use of the a pain block. Many of our patients recover enough to return to work within 1 -2 weeks. Many of our male patients also combine a tummy tuck with a lower back liposuction for even more dramatic results.

For patients who want to tighten their stomach but do not need a full tummy tuck, there is the Titan procedure. The Titan procedure uses lasers to heat the deepest layer of skin and tighten it. Results are not as dramatic as those of an abdominoplasty, but it is a less invasive option.

Dr. Ronan is a Board Certified surgeon of the American Board of Plastic Surgery with over 15 years of experience with men’s and women’s procedures.

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