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Skin Cancer Reconstruction in Danville

Skin cancer can be daunting to say the least but recovery afterwards and surviving with a scarred face can seem almost as frightening. Dr. Ronan uses creative problem solving skills to cause as little visible scarring as possible upon full recovery. Sometimes a creative surgery requires a larger healing area, but utilizing the lines and planes of the face results in subtle scarring that is less noticeable upon healing.

Skin cancer reconstruction gives patients back their dignity and the freedom to live their lives worry-free of cosmetic deformity. Each surgery or procedure is unique to each individual with a goal to restore form and function to live a normal life.

Benefits of Skin Cancer Reconstruction:

  • Restores form and function
  • Improves the appearance of the affected area
  • The healing process is smooth, goes well

Surgery And Details:

Each surgery is unique to the patient and their particular needs. Dr. Ronan works closely with the dermatologist to coordinate his surgery immediately after the Mohs procedure or removal of the cancer lesion. Dr. Ronan works on each face and case to ensure that the surgery works with the lines of the face and results in minimal scarring.

In many cases, surgery is under one hour, requiring minimal or no sedation. More complex reconstructions will require longer surgery with general anesthesia and a more lengthy recuperation.

Why Choose Blackhawk?

Dr. Ronan works on a case by case basis to ensure that patients heal with the least amount of scarring possible. Live life again without open abrasions, or disfigurement. By blending the surgery with facial lines, Dr. Ronan restores confidence and poise to his patients. Surviving cancer is challenging enough without having to see its noticeable effects in the mirror every day.

Patient Examples

Patient 1

*Individual results may vary

Dr. Ronan took adjacent skin from the upper side of the defect to cover the removed skin. He then used upper nasal skin to repair the donor skin. The skin is transferred in this fashion to provide the best match of color and texture and take advantage of upper nasal skin laxity.

*Individual results may vary

Patient 2

Dr. Ronan cut along the frown line by the mouth and used that skin to repair the removed skin. Cutting along an existing frown line helps disguise the scar after the patient heals.

*Individual results may vary

Patient 3

*Individual results may vary

This patient had a history of previous surgery and radiation which complicates a repair. Since, ‘Z’ linesare often less visible than straight lines, Dr. Ronan cut along a zig-zag to help hide the scar. He used the lines of the eye, Dorsal Aesthetic lines and frown lines to blend the scar with the face.

*Individual results may vary

Patient 4

*Individual results may vary

For this patient, Dr. Ronan cut along the frown line and eyelid to reconstruct the face with minimal scarring.

*Individual results may vary

Patient 5

*Individual results may vary

This patient has an excision of a Basal Cell Carcinoma using the Mohs technique. Her ear was reconstructed using flaps of adjacent tissue.

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*Individual results may vary

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