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Nose (Rhinoplasty) in Danville

Rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure of the nose that corrects, rebuilds, and restores the functions and aesthetics surrounding the nostrils. This can be a difficult procedure because it requires a great deal of expertise to decide which nose will best complement each face.

The nose that is reconstructed has to be one that looks good on you. Dr. Ronan goes the extra mile and will not build the same generic ‘perfect’ nose for every face. Your new nose should be the one you were meant to have – as if you had been born with it. This means that perfect nose is different on each person.

*Individual results may vary

Benefits of Nose Rhinoplasty:

  • Improves breathing
  • Reduces humps, and imperfections
  • Improves facial balance and appearance
  • Repair previous nasal and facial trauma

An attractive face has smooth Dorsal Aesthetic Lines. These lines are the invisible lines of the face that the human eye subconsciously notices – from eye, down and around the nose, and back up the other eye. If these lines are not smooth, such as a hump or mis-shaped nose, the brain subconsciously knows that the lines and angles that do not feel right. When brought to conformity, the nose offers balance to the face that adds to the overall attractiveness. Building the right nose is unique to the the Dorsal Aesthetic Lines of each individual face.

Surgery Details and Recovery

Surgery takes approximately 60-90 minutes, accompanying a small amount of pain. Bruising varies between minimal to major; however, most patients are back to work within one week, (makeup can cover it) and regular activities after one month.

Why Blackhawk Plastic Surgery for Nose Rhinoplasty?

Dr. Ronan works with you to develop the best nose to suit your face. A perfect nose is not perfect if it does not belong on your face. Dr. Ronan looks at the lines and angles to help you pick the best nose that will belong on you and will he will create the ideal face shape that is natural. No one will be able to tell that your nose has been enhanced. Contact our office for a free consultation today!

*Individual results may vary

Patient Examples

Patient 1

*Individual results may vary

Dr. Ronan removed the hump in her nose and also raised and narrowed the tip to create more balance in her face. Her face is long and thin so he maintained herfacial integrity while also creating a nose to help balance out the facial planes.

Patient 2

*Individual results may vary

This patient’s nose was broken in utero and no one could repair it until he approached Dr. Ronan. He could not breathe through his nose at all and had to eat spicy food to even experience taste. Dr. Ronan removed all the cartilage and built a new nasal structure. Now this patient is able to breathe normally (his main priority and the reason for this surgery) and has a balanced nose for his face.

Patient 3

*Individual results may vary

Patient’s procedures include: Rhinoplasty (nose), chin implant, neck lift, forehead lift, upper-eyelid and brow lift.

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*Individual results may vary

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