what Is FUEFUE is an acronym that stands for Follicular Unit Extraction. Follicular Unit Extraction is a new method of hair transplantation to address a thinning or receding hairline. Hair grafts are removed from the back of your head and transplanted to thinning or receding areas. During the FUE procedure, your surgeon uses a specialized instrument to create hair grafts using a single hair follicle at a time. Although performing this procedure manually would take a large amount of time, today’s automated technology allows for a fast, convenient hair transplant procedure. This state-of-the-art treatment can be performed under local anesthesia without the need for any incisions or sutures. The instrument used during this procedure creates a wound only one millimeter in diameter, which does not require stitches or other dressings. The FUE procedure is associated with faster recovery times, little to no scarring, and a natural-looking result.

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