Problems That a Tummy Tuck Can Target

common mommy makeover proceduresA tummy tuck is a surgical procedure that removes excess fat and skin from the abdomen while tightening the abdominal wall. This provides the patient with a firmer, flatter stomach and a slimmer core. If you have questions about whether a tummy tuck is right for you, talk to your plastic surgeon and discuss your goals. Here are a few reasons why people seek the tummy tuck procedure:

Excess Belly Fat

A tummy tuck addresses fat in the stomach area, where many people carry excess weight. If you feel you have a “pouch” that you cannot get rid of with diet and exercise, a tummy tuck could be the right solution for you.

Loose Skin

One of the major advantages of a tummy tuck is that it addresses not only excess fat, but excess skin as well. Pregnancy and weight loss can cause drooping, loose skin around your abdomen that exercise, diet, and liposuction cannot eliminate. A tummy tuck, however, will remove excess skin so you can enjoy a tighter core.

Diastasis Recti

During pregnancy, it is common for women to experience diastasis recti, or a separation of the abdominal muscles. Although harmless, diastasis recti can affect the look of the stomach after pregnancy. Diet, exercise, and toning cannot fully address this issue, and many women are displeased with the bulge that separated abdominal muscles create. During a tummy tuck, your surgeon will repair your abdominal muscles to restore the flat appearance of your stomach.

Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are a common side effect of weight gain and loss. A tummy tuck is not specifically designed to address stretch marks, but if there are stretch marks on the excess skin that is removed, you can achieve a more attractive tummy.

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