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New Year and New Beauty Membership Plan

Beauty Membership plans at Blackhawk Plastic Surgery & Medspa

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At Blackhawk Plastic Surgery & MedSpa, we recognize the challenges of maintaining beauty
goals and regimens which is why we decided to provide customized Beauty Membership plans.
A few months ago, we launched a new membership plan powered by PRIVI.

Our new plan offers numerous advantages, including discounted pricing for MedSpa services and products, convenient monthly payment options, and priority scheduling.

Achieving and maintaining your beauty goals is akin to maintaining an athletic club
membership; both require usage and consistency. Just as a healthy and active lifestyle is essential
for maintaining an ideal body weight and shape, aesthetics demand a regular commitment for
optimal results. Our new PRIVI Beauty Membership plan offers a straightforward, affordable
solution to establish and sustain a consistent appointment schedule for various skin care and
cosmetic treatments, such as HydraFacials, dermal fillers, “tox” injections, laser treatments, and
other non-surgical procedures.

For HydraFacials, we utilize a patented device that provides exfoliation, cleansing, extraction,
and hydration to the face. Sun exposure, pollution, and stress can harm skin cells, hindering the
production of collagen and elastin—the crucial components for healthy, radiant, and youthful-
looking skin. HydraFacial treatments work by exfoliating damaged cells, hydrating tissues, and
cleansing with antioxidants. Peptides and hyaluronic acid are then applied to revitalize and
protect the skin, promoting collagen and elastin production. Not only are HydraFacials effective,
but they also provide a soothing and relaxing experience with instant results.

Dermal fillers, administered through injections, are a popular non-surgical facial rejuvenation
treatment. They are designed to reduce lines, creases, and areas that appear “sunken-in.” Dermal
fillers work by restoring volume to areas that have lost it, resulting in a smoother, more youthful,
and enhanced appearance. Beyond addressing volume loss, fillers can also be used to augment
and enhance lips, cheekbones, or the chin.

Botox, Dysport and Daxxify are three different “tox” injectables we offer to address wrinkles
associated with frown lines, forehead furrows, and crow’s feet caused by muscle action. Both
Botox, Dysport and Daxxify are simple proteins that are injected into a muscle to create
weakness. By precisely and temporarily weakening these muscles, we can soften expressions and
reduce or eliminate wrinkles and frown lines.

If you want to learn more about our new PRIVI Beauty Membership plan or how HydraFacial,
dermal fillers, and “tox” injectables can enhance your appearance, please contact our office at

We look forward to hearing from you and helping you look your best in this new

Complimentary Consultation

Improve your self-confidence with a cosmetic surgical procedure at Blackhawk Plastic Surgery.
Dedicated to using the highest standards of care for our patients, call today to discover how our Beautiful and Natural Results can enhance your looks!

Table of Contents

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