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A Beginner’s Guide to Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty, literally meaning “to shape the nose,” is performed to produce a variety of effects and to serve various reasons. The goal of a rhinoplasty procedure is to change the look or functionality of the nose, for personal reasons, health reasons, or reconstruction after injury. Here are some basic factors about rhinoplasty.

  • Reasons.

The nose is the most distinctive feature of the face and is often the facial feature many people wish to change. Undergoing rhinoplasty helps patients feel better about their appearance and gain more self-confidence. Rhinoplasty can also help those with a deviated septum or to breathe more freely and can be considered a medically-based procedure.

  • The Procedure.

Before rhinoplasty, you should discuss your options with your surgeon. Your plastic surgeon will evaluate a number of factors, from skin type to the structure of your nose, so you know specifically what a rhinoplasty can do for you and its expected results. Several small incisions, usually on the inside of the nose, will be made during the procedure to adjust the cartilage. Sutures will be used to hold the new structure in place, along with a splint on the outside of your nose.

  • After the Procedure.

Your nose will have to be splinted and supported for at least a week after the rhinoplasty to ensure the structure settles into place. Any guidelines your doctor prescribes involving exposure to the sun, physical activities, and more, should be strictly followed for successful results and recovery. There will be several follow-up appointments with your doctor to ensure the nose is healing correctly—these are important to attend as well.

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