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If you are considering longer lashes, then you do not have to wait another day! Choosing the right product is important. Similar products can affect you in different ways. Please, do not take this risk and use LATISSE, a product Blackhawk Plastic Surgery trusts! For more information on how LATISSE gives you long and fuller lashes, view this video!

For more information about getting longer and fuller lashes, visit Blackhawk Plastic Surgery. We also provide a variety of skin care products including Obagi Skin Care products for Skin Care for Anti Aging, Acne, & Rosacea and Laser Packages for Hair Removal, Veins & Skin Rejuvenation!

Please, do not forget we are currently having specials for each of these products! Get up to 20% off any of these products only on May 6th! Do not wait another day and call us at (925) 272-2464 or visit us at Blackhawk Plastic Surgery!

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