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  • $500 Off Surgical Procedures

Facial Fat Transfer in Danville

As we age, we lose the facial fat in our face that creates our youthful appearance. The loss of this fat leaves our cheek area flat; the skin droops to create jowls and pulls on our eyes, creating a longer looking eye socket. A transfer of fat to the face restores the fatty volume and a youthful look.

Aging, along with genetics plays a part in why this occurs. The process of facial fat transfer is a very simple one and creates both volume and smoothness to the skin for an overall sense of youth. This procedure is very simple and can be repeated if necessary

Benefits of Facial Fat Transfer

  • Creates a more youthful appearance
  • Minimally invasive
  • Improves skin texture
  • Repeatable in office (endless supply of injectables)

*Individual results may vary

Surgery and Details of Recovery

The use of needle sticks harvests the fat from where it is not wanted elsewhere on the body. A facial fat transfer, with the use of fillers, ads fat to key areas of your cheeks and face to create a more youthful look. With needle stick fat replacement, the skin improves, leaving radiant skin and softer.

Injectable Fillers vs. Fat Fillers

There are two options to improve the face with fillers; the first is injectable fillers. These are usually between 1-5 ccs but have a less permanent results and often need to be redone in 6 months. The benefit is that the procedure is completed in two minutes and there is no recovery time required. Injectable fillers cost on a needle basis and can become costly over time with multiple injections and touch ups.

The second is an actual fat transfer filler. With fat transfer, Dr. Ronan is able to use up to 40 ccs for a more dramatic and sustained result. In addition to using more per injection with fewer needles, using your body’s natural fat is a more permanent solution that lasts longer and brings vibrancy back to the face. Putting fat back in the skin improves the texture and the quality of the skin. Fat grafting is often used in combination with laser treatment for dramatic improvement with minimal recovery time. The surgery recovery of fat grafting is about one to two weeks for a full recovery.

Why Choose Blackhawk?

With the Facial Fat Transfer method, Dr. Ronan keeps things as simple as possible while creating dramatic results. Visit Blackhawk Plastic Surgery for a free consultation to learn how this procedure could bring back youth, naturally!

Patient Examples

Patient 1

*Individual results may vary

Dr. Ronan restored volume to this patient’s cheek and added a slight chin implant with fat (not an artifical implant). This creates an aesthetically pleasing ‘S’ curve in her profile, and adds lift to her lower eyelid.

Patient 2

*Individual results may vary

This patient received fat transfer to add height to her cheek projection and a laser treatment to remove skin damage and reduce lines. The overall effect is that she looks younger and less tired.

Patient 3

*Individual results may vary

For this patient, Dr. Ronan filled in her cheeks and tightened her neck with liposuction. This creates a younger looking face, and improves skin texture as well.

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*Individual results may vary

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