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The Complete Guide to Gummy Bear Implants

Finding the right breast augmentation implants for your needs requires knowing your options. This guide explains everything to know about gummy bear implants.
Gummy bear breast implants

In 2021, 365,000 women decided to improve the look of their breasts with breast augmentation surgery. 148,000 women also made the decision to remove their current implants and have them replaced. 

There are many motivations driving people to get breast augmentation. Some want to feel more self-confident at work or in their personal life, or maybe they have a medical reason for surgery.

You may have been thinking about having some work done. Maybe you’re ready to give your body a new look and feel.

You’ve probably heard plenty of pros and cons related to breast implants and are wondering if it’s actually the right choice for you. Have you heard of gummy bear implants? Gummy bear implants might be the perfect choice for you once you know more. 

Following is our guide to everything you need to know about gummy bear implants and why they’re many plastic surgeons’ new preferred breast implant option.

What Are Gummy Bear Implants?

When considering breast implant surgery, one of the first things to consider is breast implant options. In the past, you had to choose between silicone implants or saline implants. 

With newer technology, there’s a third choice many women are opting for, gummy bear implants. 

The gummy bear implants are made of a different and more durable material than the previous implants. They also come in different shapes, which is an improvement on these earlier options. 

More technical terminology for the gummy bear implant made by the Sientra company is cohesive, form-stable, or highly cohesive implants. 

What Are Gummy Bear Implants Made Of?

One of the previous concerns for women and breast augmentation surgery was the material’s durability in the implants. It’s essential to consider the breast implant content as you decide on surgery. 

It’s also the reason many women are choosing the gummy bear implant. Gummy bear implants are made of a tougher, more resilient high-strength silicone gel.

What’s different about the gummy bear implant compared to previous choices is that it also has a thicker, more secure silicone gel filler, too. 

How Are Gummy Bear Implants Made?

It makes sense that as you consider this type of surgery, you consider the materials used for your implants. Gummy bear implants have soared in popularity because of how they’re made. 

New techniques and technology have helped the gummy bear become the implant of choice for many women. The gummy bear implant is made of a new silicone outer shell and silicone filler. 

Where previous implants had saline or silicone filler, the gummy bear implant uses thicker and more durable silicone gel as the filler. Yet, it remains soft to the touch.

The material and makeup of the gummy bear implant allow it to maintain its shape.

How Are Gummy Bear Implants Different Than Previous Implants?

Many plastic surgeons suggest using gummy bear implants for a host of good reasons. 

The look of the gummy bear implant and the feel provide a more natural appearance when implanted. The gummy bear implant comes in a teardrop shape that more accurately mimics the form of a natural breast compared to the round shape of other implant types. 

Unlike other implant types, if the outer shell of the implant breaks or tears, the gummy bear implant will retain its shape because of the thicker silicone filler. 

This type of implant has a reduced incidence of breakage and feels more natural for the women who get them.

Are Gummy Bear Implants Safe?

One of the questions for many women in the past was the safety risks associated with some implants. 

Years of research and changes have made gummy bear implants quite safe. Your plastic surgeon will expect you to do the follow-up care scans to ensure your implants are securely in place and have not ruptured. This is part of the safety protocols for any breast implant surgery.

Older model implants ran the risk of breaking or leaking. The new stronger, and more durable silicone makes the gummy bear implant more resistant to tears, breaks, or leaks, making them a much safer option for breast implant surgery.

Gummy Bear Implants: Pros

There are many gummy bear implant benefits to consider when deciding whether you want breast implant surgery. Let’s take a closer look at the many positives associated with this type of implant.


Again, one of the biggest benefits of the gummy bear implants are what they are made of. The thicker and stronger silicone makes them a more durable implant choice.

Not only is the silicone outer shell stronger, but the filler is what makes such a difference in this breast implant. 

While it feels soft to the touch, it’s thicker and stronger. The likelihood that the outer shell will break is much lower than previous breast implant options. But if it does break, the silicone filler holds its shape in the breast. 


Another big benefit of the gummy bear breast implant is the shape options you get with it. In previous types of breast implants you had size options but not shape options. The implants were a round shape. 

With a gummy bear implant, you have shape options. You can choose the round option that makes the breast fuller at the top of the breast. 

However, many users are opting for the more realistic teardrop shape that’s an option with the gummy bear implant. It more realistically mimics the shape of a real breast.

There’s a reason these implants have been given the moniker gummy bear implants. Think of a gummy bear, it’s soft and pliable, hard to break, yet still holds its shape

Gummy bear implants, because of the stronger silicone, hold their shape in much the same way as the beloved bear candy. 


You want to know when you opt to get breast implant surgery that it will be safe for you. Gummy bear implant safety has proven to be one of the big advantages of this type of implant. 

They remain nearly perfect and rupture-free in the first five years of life. They have an extremely low likelihood of implant rotation once implanted. They also have a low rate of capsular contracture.

One concern for many women is the risk of leakage, which is greatly reduced with the new silicone material used in the gummy bear implant. 


One of the reasons many women with the older types of breast implants made of silicone and saline opt to remove them has to do with leakage. 

The likelihood of this happening is greatly reduced with the gummy bear implant. Even if there’s a break in the outer shell of the implant, the inner filling maint