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Tattoo Removal FAQ in Danville

How is the tattoo removed?

The tattoo is removed using our FDA approved laser. It is a safe and effective way to remove all colors in about 3-6 treatments. The energy from the machine is absorbed by the tattoo pigment which breaks into smaller pieces. The smaller pieces of pigment are absorbed by the body (macrophages) and removed. The laser puts the energy into the tattoo pigment in a billionth of a second, which is why there is little to no scarring.

How many treatment sessions will there be?

The typical tattoo is removed in about 3-6 treatments. Compare this with 10-20 treatments for other lasers on the market and you quickly see why going with a better laser saves you time and money.

Are all colors removed?

Yes. All colors are removed with our method. Compare this with other lasers that do not remove all colors (for example, the Picosure can’t remove red pigment).

Will the tattoo completely disappear?

In most cases, nearly all or all of the pigment will be removed.

Is it painful?

The pain associated with this laser is much less than previous lasers. Some patients elect for numbing medicine and others use ice.

What is the after-care?

Afterwards, we treat the area with an antibiotic cream and non-stick dressing for a few days. Sun on the area should be avoided.
What are the possible side effects?

Hypopigmentation (treated skin is lighter than surrounding area) is likely in most patients. Scarring or hypertrophic scarring is possible. Adherence to the after-care program will limit or lessen scaring. Remember this laser was specifically designed to decrease the complication rates.

What is the cost?

The cost is based on the size of the tattoo. The total cost is typically lower than the cost of most laser based removal systems because you will need less treatments overall.

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