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    When it comes to your face and body, you only want The Best

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Lip Rejuvenation and Enhancement in Danville

Lip Injection VLOGS by Blackhawk Plastic Surgery patients

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Read about one of our patient's experience with Restylane Silk on her instagram page:

*Individual results may vary

Restylane® Silk

*Individual results may vary

Enhance lip fullness and improve wrinkles around the mouth

All areas of our face can show the signs of aging, including our lips. Thinning of the lips and small wrinkles around the lips edge are common as we get older. Dr. Ronan is proud to be offering the first and only FDA-approved product specifically designed for lip enhancement and the smoothing of wrinkles around the mouth.

What is Restylane Silk?

Restylane Silk is a clear gel formulation of hyaluronic acid used to temporarily add volume, resulting in a fresher, more youthful appearance. Restylane Silk’s formation is made of smaller, smoother particles than those used in other Restylane products. This along with an ultrafine needle designed for improved accuracy, helps give you softer, more precise results.

*Individual results may vary

What Can Restylane Silk Treat?

Restylane Silk is FDA approved for lip enhancement and the treatment of wrinkles and lines around the mouth in people over the age of 21. If you are experiencing loss of lip volume or shape and/or ‘barcode’ lines around the edge of your upper lip, Restylane Silk may be the right treatment for you.

*Individual results may vary

Lip Augmentation via Fat Transfer

Lip augmentation via fat transfer is a quick procedure for enhancing the lips, and replenishing a woman’s facial balance. A lip augmentation can also minimize the amount of wrinkles around the mouth. Fat transfer uses the body’s own tissue, offering a supple, and natural look to lips, that lasts at least a year, or even permanently.

With age, lips lose plumpness and become noticeably longer and thinner, creating a sense of distance from the nose that elongates the look of the face. Many women are naturally drawn to a more youthful look. Fuller, plumper lips along with diminished lines, can help create the desired look for a younger radiance, and appeal.

Celebrities and models both on and off the set are enjoying fuller lips, decreased lines, and beautiful smiles to help them feel more attractive. Lip augmentation is a desired enhancement enjoyed by even those who are not behind the camera, and crave a more confident, beautiful appearance.

Benefits of Lip Augmentation

  • Fuller looking lips
  • Younger looking face
  • It enhances your smile
  • A repeatable procedure
  • Minimally invasive – no surgery!
  • Very fast recovery

Procedure Details and Recovery

Lip Augmentation can be completed in two ways, either through filler injections or through a transfer of body fat to the lips.

The fat transfer process is the removing of fat from another part of the body, usually the abdomen or thigh area, and injecting the fat directly into the lips with needle sticks. Lip augmentation is usually performed in combination with another procedure, such as liposuction or facial fat tansfer. For lip augmentation, a local anesthesia is administered. Recovery time time can be a week or two.

Beginning on the corner edge of the bottom lip, Dr. Ronan inserts a needle and moves it across the lip, increasing the amount of filler/fat the needle releases as he moves to the center of the mouth. He then repeats on the other side to create a shape that mimics a naturally full lip. As an outpatient procedure, recovery time is only minutes to a few hours before returning to normal activities.

Fillers have a minimal recovery time but the few side effects of a fat transfer include: swelling, some bleeding, and a token amount of pain. Considering a facial fat transfer for the lips is a smarter choice over injectables because it uses the body’s own healthy tissue.

Why Choose Blackhawk Plastic Surgery for Lip Augmentation?

Lips are a small part of the face but they can make a huge difference. Dr. Ronan focuses on building the lips to match your current face and choosing the best solution for you. Look younger in minutes with a minimally invasive surgery.

Patient Examples

Patient 1

*Individual results may vary

Dr. Ronan did only a lip augmentation on this patient, yet it helps fill out the balance of the rest of her face.

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*Individual results may vary

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