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What to Expect from Hair Restoration

what to expect hair restorationOne of the busiest NeoGraft centers in the Northwest, Blackhawk Plastic Surgery utilizes the most advanced hair restoration technology. Procedures are minimally invasive and can be carried out under local anesthesia with no sutures or linear scars. You don’t have to have the plug look or a long scar in the donor site. The results are completely natural and long-lasting.

While hair restoration can be an effective and fulfilling treatment for hair loss in many, you should only go through with the procedure if you are found to be an appropriate candidate. You can talk to your doctor and find out if you are a candidate and use this information to determine whether or not you would like to follow through with the treatment. You may be a good candidate if you have lost hair naturally or from trauma.

If you and your doctor decide that you may benefit from a hair restoration procedure, you will then have to prepare appropriately. You can expect your plastic surgeon to supply you with detailed instructions about what to do during the days preceding your treatment. You will be required to be tobacco free for the two weeks leading up to the event as well as the month that follows in order to prevent complications from occurring. Avoid using extra styling products on the day of the procedure.

After your hair restoration treatment is complete, you may notice positive changes in your life. Many people will feel more confident about their appearance after undergoing this procedure, and they may also be less inclined to wear a hat. You can expect to enjoy a fuller and healthier head of hair after this treatment has been completed.

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