If you are looking for a skin treatment for your face, neck, and hands, a chemical peel may be the right procedure for you. Here is what you should expect from a chemical peel.

Three different types of chemical peel can be performed: light, medium, or deep. A deeper chemical peel means more noticeable results at the cost of a greater recovery time. First, your face is cleaned and then covered with a chemical solution. After a few minutes, a cold compress of saline removes the chemicals. The treatment will then take effect over the following weeks.

People decide to undergo chemical peel treatment for many different reasons. This process can smooth out wrinkles and rough skin as well as hide scars and acne. It can also improve age spots and irregular skin pigmentation. However, a chemical peel cannot tighten sagging skin or remove deep scars or facial lines. You can have a chemical peel performed on several areas of your body, including your face, your hands, and your neck. If your skin has been damaged by age, acne, or exposure to the sun, this treatment may be right for you.

Be aware that you may experience redness and stinging after a chemical peel. Try to avoid direct sunlight on treated areas of skin for a few months. Your new skin is fresh and fragile and needs time to heal properly. Remember that the deeper your chemical peel, the more extensive your recovery process will be.

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