What Happens During a Body Lift Procedure?

body lift procedureMany life events can cause substantial changes to the body. Carrying and birthing a child is one such event that can lead to stretched skin around the abdomen and groin. Bariatric surgery can also cause dramatic weight loss accompanied with sagging skin on the waist and legs. However, a body lift can help individuals who wish to regain the svelte physique they once had. This plastic surgery procedure can get rid of excess skin and residual fatty deposits that obscure a slimmer and trimmer figure. 

Patient Comfort
The wellbeing of the patient is of highest priority during a body lift procedure. For this reason, those who undergo this type of plastic surgery typically receive general anesthesia so that they are unconscious and comfortable during treatment. Sedation remains in effect until the procedure is done and the patient is in recovery.

Excess Skin Removal
Body lift procedures typically focus on enhancing the appearance of the lower half of the body. Once surgery begins, the plastic surgeon may make an incision along the lower abdominal region. A similar incision may be made along the lower back area as well. These incisions let the surgeon remove loose skin caused by pregnancy, weight loss, or another health event. The removal of this skin also allows the surgeon to suture the incisions in such a way that they tighten the entire length of the lower body.

Body Fat Suction
Even if a patient undergoing a body lift has already lost a significant amount of weight, this procedure can provide additional body enhancement. For example, the plastic surgeon may include liposuction during the procedure to remove stubborn areas of fat that diet, exercise, or bariatric weight loss has not been able to successfully eliminate. This benefit of a body lift helps to ensure that the patient is satisfied with his new slimmer shape once the procedure is completed.

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