Thoughts on “Dentists Doing Dermatology? Cosmetics Lure Docs of All Types”

From Dr. Stephen J Ronan: “Interesting story with a rescue by my friend Jerome Potozkin. I see this type of nonsense all the time.

Earlier this week, I saw a patient that had lost over 100 pounds and had tremendous skin excess, especially on her abdomen. There was little extra fat. She saw a family practice doctor in town who made the recommendation of SmartLipo to her. His Bio on his site makes all kinds of inappropriate claims. The patient reports that he told her that she just needed a little lipo to tighten things up and that a tummy tuck and anesthesia were both dangerous. What a quack! Lipo doesn’t tighten anything and if tummy tucks anesthesia were so dangerous I wonder why most of his staff comes here for their surgery? At some point, the medical board needs to address this issue BIG TIME.”

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