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The Biggest Skin Care Mistakes Women Make

biggest skin care mistakesMany women unknowingly commit skin care errors during their morning and evening beauty routines. Consider making a few improvements to your skin care regimen. Your first step is to avoid choosing a cleanser that is too harsh. Harsh cleansers strip the skin’s natural oils, leaving it dull and irritated. Instead, look for highly rated products such as the Obagi skin care line of products, which includes superior cleansers that nurture the health of your skin. Before washing with your new Obagi cleanser, be sure the water temperature is just right for your skin. Hot water may feel refreshing; however, it opens your pores, removes protective oils, and can dry out the skin. Instead, cleanse gently with lukewarm water.

Another common mistake women make with their cleansing routine is not rinsing well enough. The buildup of cleanser residue on the skin can clog your pores. In particular, women tend to rush while rinsing the jawline, nose, and hairline. Be sure to splash enough water on your face to completely remove all traces of the cleanser.

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