Skin cancer is a life-threatening disease that requires a procedure to remove the cancerous lesion. However, after this type of surgery, cancer survivors are often troubled by the deformities that can occur, particularly if the lesion was on the facial area. Consider consulting a plastic surgeon to discuss skin cancer reconstruction. This type of plastic surgery is customized to suit your unique needs. The plastic surgeon can ensure that scarring from the skin cancer surgery is minimal.

Skillful plastic surgeons can match skin transfers to the area’s color and texture, and may disguise scars by making the incision along existing frown lines. Skin cancer reconstruction offers cancer survivors the opportunity to enjoy a renewed appearance. This surgery restores the function and the form of the area. Patients can once again live with dignity, without the embarrassment that often accompanies deformities.

Dr. Ronan of Blackhawk Plastic Surgery has extensive experience with skin cancer reconstruction and will work with each patient to develop an individualized treatment plan. Call our practice at (925) 272-2464 and ask us about our other services, including tummy tucks, breast augmentation, and face lifts.