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Surprising Causes of Hair Loss

surprising causes of hair lossIf your parents or grandparents suffer from hair loss, you might assume that it will be an inevitable part of your future as well. While genetics often plays a role in hair loss, this condition can result from other factors as well. In many cases, these circumstances can be quickly corrected with a combination of lifestyle changes and professional treatment. Seeing a hair loss expert, though, is the first key step to stopping and reversing hair loss.

Nutrient Deficiencies
Your diet in many ways controls the health of your hair. The cells of the body that help to grow and maintain your hair follicles need consistent access to a wide variety of nutrients so that they can perform at their best. If your eating habits fail to deliver these nutrients, you might suffer from hair loss as a result. In particular, the body needs zinc and iron to make sure that your hair is growing fast and healthily. So if you have unexplained hair loss, consider your diet to determine whether you suffer from any nutrient deficiencies that may be to blame for your condition.

Skin Infections
The skin can be susceptible to certain viral infections that in turn affect hair growth. Especially if you notice changes to the skin itself, you might be contending with a fungus on your scalp. Before trying to fix the condition on your own, talk to a hair care expert who can make an accurate diagnosis and suggest a treatment solution for your needs.

Stressful Events
Though many people dismiss stress as a normal or inconsequential part of life, it can have significant ramifications on health. Life-changing events such as job loss, divorce, or the death of a loved one can affect not only your emotional state, but also your physical wellbeing. So if you notice sudden hair loss that you cannot attribute to another medical condition, you may want to consider recent events that may have increased your stress levels. By addressing the source of your stress, you can stop the cause of your hair loss and once again enjoy a full head of hair.

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