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Signs You Could Benefit from Brachioplasty Surgery

Benefit from brachioplasty surgeryBrachioplasty, or arm lift surgery, shapes and lifts the upper arms. Your plastic surgeon will use liposuction and other surgical techniques to remove excess tissue and skin. If you are displeased with the look of your arms, talk to your plastic surgeon about your options to achieve a toned, sculpted upper arm.

You Have Recently Lost Weight

Weight loss for a healthier, slimmer body is an admirable achievement. However, drastic weight loss often leaves behind excess skin and tissue that cannot be tightened or toned through diet or exercise. Excess skin can detract from your weight loss results and cause discomfort. The arms are often an area that develops excess skin following weight loss, but brachioplasty will remove unnecessary tissue to enhance the overall look of your body. It is important to note that you should wait until your weight loss program is complete before scheduling surgery. If you continue to lose weight after your brachioplasty, it may affect your final results.

You Want Toned Upper Arms

Recent studies have shown that women are paying more attention to their arms. Toned, sculpted upper arms are a desirable way to show off a body that is youthful, energetic, and healthy. While regular exercise can tone the muscles of the upper arm, it cannot change the amount of skin or its laxity. Even if you have maintained a healthy weight all your life, your arms may be a “trouble spot” that have always suffered from excess laxity. Age can also affect the elasticity of the skin, causing skin that was once firm to loosen and sag. Brachioplasty surgery can offer you the tight, toned upper arms you have always wanted so you will feel confident in short sleeves and strapless tops.

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