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Popular Non-Invasive Procedures Available for Skin Restoration and Rejuvenation

Over time, the sun, gravity, and age will all have an inevitable effect on your skin. With the development of plastic surgery and procedures such as the facelift, these effects can be reversed with little hassle. However, there are other non-invasive yet effective methods available:

  • Dysport

If your focus is on getting rid of minor wrinkles such as worry lines and crow’s feet, then a facelift isn’t the only way to achieve a younger look. Dysport contains a formula that relaxes facial muscles enough to fade away the fine lines in your skin.

  • Laser Skin Resurfacing

Similar to a facelift, this procedure can help improve both fine lines and deeper lines in the face and it also carries the benefit of better-looking skin. The special laser is able to reach the deeper dermal layers of the skin, and can also target spots and other types of discoloration.

  • Titan Skin Tightening

If your main wish is to gain a firmer appearance, then this method is likely to be a great option for you. Titan uses light energy to warm the deeper layers of your skin, giving them a tighter look and erasing any wrinkles that may be appearing on your face.

If you wish to avoid surgery but still want a younger and fresher appearance, then Blackhawk Surgery can provide any of these procedures. Contact us by calling (925) 272-2464 or by visiting our website.


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