Important Questions to Ask Your Plastic Surgeon Before Signing Off on a Procedure

Undergoing any type of surgery is a decision that should be thoroughly considered and researched to ensure you are certain about the procedure. Particularly with surgeries like breast augmentation or a facelift, you should understand the results will be a permanent alteration. If you are considering plastic surgery, then here are some important questions to ask your surgeon.

  • Certifications

Most often, plastic surgeons will earn a board certification. Ask your surgeon what type of certifications they hold and details about their education and training; it’s important be confident in your surgeon’s skills.

  • Experience

Whether you are considering a facelift or rhinoplasty, you want to ask your surgeon how many times they have performed the procedure. A high number indicates they are familiar with the procedure and its complexities. You can also ask your surgeon which procedure is their “favorite.” This doesn’t have to be a deciding factor, but it helps to know if your surgeon has a specialty.

  • Risks

This might be an obvious question, but it is an important one. Different procedures have varying levels of risk. Knowing the risks and the likeliness of complications is vital information to consider before the procedure.

  • Location

Know where your procedure will be performed. A procedure like a breast augmentation is safer when performed in a hospital, while liposuction can often be an in-office procedure. Consider the complexity of the surgery you are choosing.

  • Fees

As with any investment, ask about a complete breakdown of the fees you will be paying for your procedure. Doing so can prevent unexpected costs at the end of the procedure and ensure you can afford the surgery.

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