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Your liposuction procedure will help you shed unwanted pounds and sculpt your body. Once you’ve achieved the results you want, however, keeping healthy and maintaining your body weight are imperative to keeping the appearance you want. With just a few simple lifestyle changes, your body will continue to look its best in the years following your plastic surgery procedure.

Eat Regular, Small Meals
After your liposuction, you may be tempted to try to eat less to maintain your weight. However, the key to a healthy weight is not to deprive your body of nutrition. Eating small, regular meals throughout the day will keep your metabolism functioning efficiently. Don’t skip meals, especially breakfast. Even if you’re not feeling hungry, have a small, healthy snack such as carrot sticks or even just a glass of water. Regular meals that aren’t more than your body should handle will result in more energy throughout the day and a diminished desire to overeat.

Exercise Regularly
Keeping your body fit and lean after liposuction means keeping it in shape. Regular exercise will keep you healthy and looking great. Begin by taking walks or join a beginner’s fitness class. Just 20-30 minutes of cardiovascular exercise each day will not only maintain your liposuction results, but also regulate your appetite and even help you sleep better each night.

Choose Healthy Foods
A healthy diet will go a long way toward maintaining your post-liposuction body. The right nutrients provide your body with what it needs to look and feel great. Eat plenty of vegetables, particularly leafy greens, and choose meals and snacks that are low in fat. Lean meats such as turkey provide protein and curb your appetite. Choose whole wheat breads and pastas and balance out breads with fruits and vegetables to create healthy and delicious meals.

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