Health Tip: Liposuction 101

Plastic surgery has changed the way people look at their bodies. Rather than becoming frustrated and losing self-confidence over a part of your body that you are unhappy with, you can now call up a plastic surgeon. From breast augmentation to a tummy tuck to a full face lift, there are numerous corrective and beautifying treatments available. One very popular plastic surgery procedure is liposuction.


People get liposuction for a number of reasons. Basically the procedure is about removing excess fat from under the skin. If you have a trouble area where you just can’t seem to lose the fat no matter how much you exercise or diet, then liposuction might be a good solution.


Liposuction is performed by cutting small holes into the skin and inserting suction tubes. These tubes use the suction to pull out extra fat and reshape your body to a more desirable shape. Unlike a tummy tuck or a face lift, the skin is not worked on or pulled tight, so if you are having a significant amount of fat removed, then you might want to consider another skin tightening procedure as well.


The results of liposuction are almost always great! The procedure is only minimally invasive, so scars are small and barely noticeable. The results include a better body shape and less fat in the desired area with minimal effort. The recovery period depends on the area treated and the amount of excess fat removed, but it is generally not too long.

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