Do You Desire More Feminine Legs? Consider Liposuction of the Calves and Ankles

do you desire more feminine legsIf you find yourself reaching for long pants instead of skirts and shorts, consider having liposuction on your calves and ankles. Liposuction in this area eliminates excess fatty tissue to create more shapely calves and ankles. By removing the excess fat, you’ll feel more inclined to show off your muscle definition.

Schedule a consultation for liposuction to learn more about the procedure. Discuss your goals for your appearance with the plastic surgeon, learn about the recovery period, and ask whether you’re a good candidate for liposuction. Ideal candidates for this procedure are in good overall health, maintain a healthy diet, and exercise regularly. After your liposuction procedure, you can expect to wear compression stockings for a while, which alleviates swelling.

At Blackhawk Plastic Surgery, we’ll be happy to walk you through the procedure and thoroughly answer all of your questions. In addition to having liposuction on your calves and ankles, you might choose to address other problem areas, such as the hips and thighs. Schedule your consultation today by calling (925) 272-2464 or visiting us on the Web.

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