Follicular Unit Extraction and Transplantation “FUE”

What we do:

  • No sutures
  • Local anesthesia
  • 1mm incisions that leave little or no scar
  • Natural result
  • Quick recovery and return to normal activities 
  • Minimal post-op pain

What we don’t do:

  • Long incisions
  • Staples or sutures
  • Longer recovery and activity restriction
  • Strips of hair chopped up
  • Plugs

Thinning hair and receding hairlines can be very upsetting to men. For women, hair loss can be even more devastating. Hair transplantation has advanced to such a level the procedures can be carried out under local anesthesia with no sutures or linear scars. You don’t have to have the plug look or a long scar in the donor site. The results are completely natural and long-lasting. 

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