Dr. Ronan will be featured on The Doctors Friday, February 3rd. He will be discussing a new alternative to surgical liposuction, i-Lipo. I-Lipo is now available at Blackhawk Plastic Surgery and is a laser fat reduction alternative. The i-Lipo unit emits a low level laser that mimics your body’s natural mechanism of fatty acid release. The released fatty acids are then metabolized by your body and burned. There is no damage to your fat cells or to your body. The fat you burn is ‘chosen’ and targeted. Check out more on our website.


When you exercise, the first twenty minutes of energy comes from glycogen stored in your muscle and liver. Once your body’s glycogen supply diminishes, you start to burn fat. Hormones released cause a cascade of events in your fat cells that result in the stored triglycerides being broken down into fatty acids and glycerol and then released into your lymphatic system and bloodstream. Your body uses the fatty acids for energy. Once they are burned, you can’t store them!

What is so great about i-Lipo? If you regularly go to the gym and exercise, you probably have figured out that some fat is diet and exercise resistant. When your body burns fat for energy, it comes from the least resistant fat – the fat that you can get rid of easily! We would all love the burn the most resistant fat. With i-lipo, we choose exactly what fat to mobilize and burn. Spot reduction!