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  • Botox & Dysport*: Fine Lines & Wrinkles (up to $100 off)
  • Restylane/ Perlane*: Lip Plumper and Fillers  (up to $100 off)
  • Obagi: Skin Care for Anti Aging, Acne, & Rosacea (20% off)
  • Latisse: Longer, Fuller, Darker Eyelashes (20% off)
  • Laser Packages: Hair Removal, Veins, Skin Rejuvenation(20% off)

Extra savings with Mail in Rebate*:

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The Blackhawk Plastic Surgery Staff

Offer expires June 30, 2011
Stephen J Ronan, MD, FACS

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Danville, CA 94506

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*$50 mail in rebate compliments of Dysport *$50 off each mL of Restylane (minimum purchase 2mL required) $65 off each mL on Perlane (minimum purchase 1mL)