While breast augmentation is a relatively safe procedure due to its advancement and popularity, it is still a form of surgery, and therefore requires a fair amount of recovery time. In order to ensure proper healing and protect yourself from potential pain, certain health measures should be taken. Here are the basics of recovering from breast augmentation:

Time Frame

The first few days after your breast augmentation procedure will be the most uncomfortable, and you may experience pain or grogginess. However, within a week, most pain should have subsided, along with any swelling. Note that if you opted for a subpectoral breast augmentation, then your recovery time and symptoms may be prolonged.

Avoiding Discomfort

Potential symptoms you may experience after a breast augmentation are pain, swelling, and sometimes bruising. We provide may provide you with a pain pump, which is held in a fanny pack and releases numbing medicine into your breast area for two or three days to help relieve discomfort. After this period, the pump will be removed. To reduce swelling, try to keep your torso elevated when sleeping, stay hydrated, and avoid physical exertion.

Reducing Activity Level

Immediately after a breast augmentation, a high level of activity can damage your body. It is therefore important to slowly ease back into your daily routine. Most activities can be resumed within two weeks, but more strenuous exertion should be avoided for the first four to six weeks after breast augmentation. Your plastic surgeon will provide recommendations based on your specific needs, so it is best to follow those guidelines.

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