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4 Signs Breast Reduction Could Improve Your Quality of Life

Many women elect to have breast augmentation performed to enhance their personal image and self-confidence. But there are just as many women in America who can benefit from breast reduction surgery. Just as some women feel their breasts are too small, there are those who have larger breasts, which can cause discomfort or esteem issues, too.

Very large or irregular breasts are quite common, and women can naturally develop issues with their breasts as they mature. Below are a few signs that indicate you can benefit from breast reduction.

1. Pain and Discomfort. Breasts that are large enough to cause excessive back and neck pain are a clear sign that you could benefit from having smaller breasts. In fact, over the course of a lifetime, large and heavy breasts can have skeletal and arthritic impact.

2. Disproportion. Many women receive breast augmentation procedures to balance proportions. The same can be said for breast reduction, when a woman believes her breasts are too large in relation to the rest of her body.

The psychology of breast reduction is just as important as that of breast augmentation. Having a self-image that boosts confidence and comfort can greatly impact quality of life for any woman.

3. Irregularities. Sometimes breasts are asymmetrical to a noticeable degree—one breast may even be a different cup size. Reduction of one will make the breasts even and symmetrical.

4. Impeded Activities. At times, women with large breasts are prevented from being as active as they would like. This can be due to the discomfort associated with large breasts, or the breasts themselves may be large enough to physically obstruct movement.

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