4 Common Misconceptions About Liposuction!

If you are considering getting liposuction, then it is important that you learn the facts. Before you schedule your appointment, learn the truth behind the common misconceptions about liposuction here:

1. Liposuction Is The Answer To Obesity

Unlike breast augmentation or face lift surgery, liposuction is designed to treat target areas of the body and get rid of fat. It is not designed for major body fat reconstruction. It is also not designed to be a form of weight loss.

2. Liposuction Makes You Lose Weight

Liposuction is not designed to make you lose weight. While it does get rid of fat cells, it is only designed to remove fat cells in certain areas of the body, like the back, buttocks, stomach, arms, and thighs. Liposuction is measured by the amount of inches it can take off, not by the amount of pounds it can take off of your body.

3. Liposuction will eliminate cellulite

Liposuction cannot eliminate cellulite. Liposuction also cannot get rid of stretch marks and scars.

4. Liposuction Eliminates The Need For Diet and Exercise

Once again, liposuction is not a cure-all for excess weight. It is designed to help better shape problem areas of your body. As always, diet and exercise is very important for your body’s health and fitness. If you opt for liposuction surgery, then once you heal, you will still need to uphold healthy diet and exercise to maintain the benefits of the surgery.

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