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4 Signs Breast Reduction Could Improve Your Quality of Life

Many women elect to have breast augmentation performed to enhance their personal image and self-confidence. But there are just as many women in America who can benefit from breast reduction surgery. Just as some women feel their breasts are too small, there are those who have larger breasts, which can cause discomfort or esteem issues, […]

Attention June Birthdays-This Offer Ends Soon!

Thank you for your patronage! Enjoy the following treatments at a discount, as our gift to you! Botox & Dysport*: Fine Lines & Wrinkles (up to $100 off) Restylane/ Perlane*: Lip Plumper and Fillers  (up to $100 off) Obagi: Skin Care for Anti Aging, Acne, & Rosacea (20% off) Latisse: Longer, Fuller, Darker Eyelashes (20% off) Laser Packages: […]

Check Out This Video!

If you are interested in a cosmetic procedure for a rejuvenated you, then consider Blackhawk Plastic Surgery. We are the premier surgery center for breast, facial, and body procedures. Visit our website or call (925) 272-2464 to schedule an appointment.

Happy Father’s Day!

Tell us of your fondest memory with your Father. Share the things that he did for and with you. We want to post these on our facebook page for all of your and our friends to enjoy and Happy Fathers Day 2011!

Feel The Difference!

Blackhawk Plastic Surgery has one more offer for you! Mentor’s “Feel the Difference”* offer is designed for women, who have had breast augmentation surgery using saline breast implants and may be thinking about exploring other options. MENTOR® MemoryGel® Breast Implants are FDA approved, come in a wide variety of styles and textures, and are manufactured […]

The Advantages of Long Eyelashes

Read this informational article to for a great breakdown on the advantages of long eyelashes! There are many clear advantages of long eyelashes, but long eyelashes even have some unknown advantages: “The Look Longer eyelashes are generally considered attractive, particularly on women. Quickly surveying the makeup wall at your nearest drugstore proves to you the […]

Important Questions to Ask Your Plastic Surgeon Before Signing Off on a Procedure

Undergoing any type of surgery is a decision that should be thoroughly considered and researched to ensure you are certain about the procedure. Particularly with surgeries like breast augmentation or a facelift, you should understand the results will be a permanent alteration. If you are considering plastic surgery, then here are some important questions to […]

June Product of the Month!

Your skin deserves all the protection you can give it. Especially from daily exposure to the sun’s damaging rays and environmental assults that can prematurely age skin With Obagi you can give your skin the superior protection it needs this summer. Get your Summer maintentance package for $99 !!! This includes: Sunscreen Vitamin C serum […]

A Beginner’s Guide to Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty, literally meaning “to shape the nose,” is performed to produce a variety of effects and to serve various reasons. The goal of a rhinoplasty procedure is to change the look or functionality of the nose, for personal reasons, health reasons, or reconstruction after injury. Here are some basic factors about rhinoplasty. Reasons. The nose […]

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